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An Asian-American Romantic-Comedy TV Series

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Man Imperfect

The road to perfection can take you off the edge.

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Man Imperfect is a romantic-comedy TV ​series following Noah Man’s pursuit of ​love and the perfect life he’s always ​wanted. It’s a show where the setting ​from Kim’s Convenience meets the ​romance of Always Be My Maybe. Noah ​must learn to let go of his ideas of ​perfection to find the one he’s truly ​meant to be with.

Our Mission

Man Imperfect's goal is to create a diverse and universal story, ​building unity and inclusivity. The setting explores the Asian-​American community, though we want anyone to be able to find ​themselves represented in this story. Many people search for a ​road to perfection, and Man Imperfect will offer a different path, ​showing viewers that life isn't always about being perfect. ​Instead, it's finding one's happiness in the people around them.


Man Imperfect is a universal story exploring perfectionism, set in the Asian-American ​community. Like many recent successful titles, we want to examine the experience of ​coming-of-age and trying to find oneself as a person of Asian descent in America.

The Story

Noah Man struggled to maintain perfect grades and ​excel in his college basketball career. In doing so, he ​failed his second semester at Stanford and moved back ​to his hometown with his parents.

He now works with his high school best friend, Teddy, at ​the local hip coffee spot. Noah dreams about Abbey ​Ahn, the prom queen, as he tries to pick up the pieces of ​his life.

In an accidental meeting, Noah comes across Riley, his ​neighbor, struggling to save the girl’s high school ​basketball team. She convinces Noah to become their ​coach in exchange for setting him up with Abbey.

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meet our team

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Tati Vogt


Jenna Frank

Anthony Vogt

Executive Producer

Executive Producer

A writer, producer, and actor in Los ​Angeles, California. She has creative ​bylines at Netflix, E! Entertainment ​News, Amazon, Clubhouse, American ​Idol, and more. As an Asian American ​woman, she continues to look for ​ways to pioneer Asian representation ​in the entertainment industry.

A writer & director, Tati has created ​feature-length films, web-series, and ​TV shows. Her greatest ​accomplishments are her two ​completed feature films, Driven to ​Dance and The Lies I Tell Myself, both ​receiving worldwide distribution.

A creative producer with over a ​decade of on-set experience working ​for Netflix, Amazon, HBO, CBS, and ​more. Anthony’s strong artistic vision ​landed his first produced feature film, ​Driven to Dance, on Netflix and ​Amazon Prime.

Originally from Tokyo, Yuga is the ​President & Co-founder of the ​agency MIYABI Creative. She ​oversees all aspects of photo and ​video production, specializing in ​marketing for Asian-American and ​Japanese-American content.

Yuga Yamaguchi

Executive Producer

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Amy Chung

Co-Executive Producer

Amy is Taiwanese-American with a ​passion for Asian representation in ​Film and Television. Her love of ​storytelling and business pulled her ​into Marketing where she’s continued ​to elevate and push for greater ​inclusiveness in Media.

Born and raised in Shanghai, Xingcen is ​a team player with extensive skills in ​corporate finance, investment analysis, ​equity, and market research with a ​passion for art and entertainment. She ​is a skilled product and financial planner ​overseeing all aspects of the project.

Line Producer

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